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Growing up in the isolation afforded from living in the shadow of Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona during the later forties and fifties, the fourth of seven children, Melva found ample time in which to develop her creative side. Her creativity in writing manifested itself at an early age in the form of drawings and stories made up on the spur of the moment for younger siblings as well as local children she often babysat.
Melva's imagination found fertile ground during a time when girls played with hand drawn paper dolls, or those cut from the McCall's magazines. Having developed a love for the written word as a youngster, she carried that love into adulthood.

When she enrolled in a creative writing class in order to quell the symptoms of boredom introduced by an empty nest, she activated the love she had kept bridled throughout her life. Like Grandma Moses with her late blooming career in art, Melva decided it was time to dust off her creative processes and bring her lifelong ambition as an author to fruition by publishing her stories and novels.

Melva now lives in Northern California where she writes and enjoys the gifts of nature with her husband.




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